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Gridview to Excel Export Tool  v.

This tool enables any ASPX and WinForms developer to export data in tabular form to Excel in a matter of seconds. It consists mainly of an assembly (a dll) which is installed on your machine. After referencing the dll from your Visual Studio project

Graspx  v.0.12

Every web developer needs to search source code every now and then. Tools like find, grep, or an IDEs "Find" function can only search full text, without regard to context. Since ASP.Net files (aspx, ascx) are XML-based, and should therefore be

MediaPlayer  v.1.0

MediaPlayer 1.0 is specifically developed to help you play audio or video files in your Web site with ease.The MediaPlayer server control on an .aspx page is rendered as a Sys.UI.Silverlight.MediaPlayer client control in the HTML sent to the browser.

Social Bookmarking Tool for Windows Live Wri

Using this plugin, you will be able to add automatic social bookmarking tags in your blog posts. Check this URL and see how it looks like in the end

DNNGenealogy  v.1.2

Dot Net Nuke Genealogy Module - Build and show your family tree on a DNN CMS site. A sample site running on . Also uses Google & Yahoo SEO Friendly url

DTM Controls  v.1.0

DTM Controls is library of client-side script controls for formatted input (date, time etc.). Those controls are locale-aware and easy to deploy for ASPX/PHP/JSP

ScintillaNET  v.061

ScintillaNET - a .NET enabled version of the Scintilla Editor Component (see This project is now hosted at CodePlex ( or

Word2CHM  v.1.0

Word2CHM is a open source C# program which can convert MS Word document(in 2000/2003 format) to a CHM document. It require HTML Help Workshop and MS Word 2003. Learn more , visit

PHPasdotNet  v.1.0

Programming allows separate design. Example showing how design separates the code and PHP script for lenguaje as is done with dotNET architecture that separates into aspx and cs or vbs but now with PHP.

A.N.T.E.  v.1.0

ANTE (Asp Net Template Engine) is a template engine for .Net that uses the same syntax used in aspx pages to take advantage of intellisense features in Visual Studio and other IDEs.

WatiNGIP  v.1.0

This project creates a WatiN Page class (or classes) mirroring a .Net aspx page (or pages). It encapsulates finding html elements on a page and gives you a typed pages API to easily create your website integration tests.

Alex Text Editor  v.1.0

The best of the best of plain text,asp,aspx,html,wordpad editor availableprobably the only!

It Editor  v.1.0

It Editor, ett simpelt alternativ. It Editor r en gratis editor fr dom vanligaste webb formaten. Php, Asp, Aspx tillexempel. I denna versionen s fungerar dligt ifall inte textfilerna r sparade i Unicode 8 format.

Punto Banco Tutorial  v.1.0

Software which guides the user through the card game Punto Banco (aka Baccarat) This software makes use of .NET Framework 3.5 which can be optained from:

Cs-live  v.1.0

cslive is Web browser based online 2d ShooterSystem Requements: Microsoft .net Framwork 3.5 download Microsoft Silverlight 2 Firefox 2+ or Internet Explorer 6+ or Google Chrome

Open Triple Triad  v.1.0

An open source multiplayer and local variant of the popular final fantasy 8 game Triple Triad.Using web services the game will be able to be played either as a standalone exe or as an aspx website.

MyVision Foto Album  v.rc2.050909

A fast, modern-styled, multi-user, ASPx-based XML foto album w/ automatic thumbnails creator and ZIP mass uploading capacity from the creator of PhoenixPortals.ORG :) New version makes installation only a breeze! See Screenshots & Homepage for ...

Spectate Swamp Desktop Search  v.1.0

Non Indexing Desktop Search. 10,000 lines of VB code with flowcharts.Discussed at great length on channel9 forum. Video with Random, Slow motion and freeze frame.

C# Serial Communication Terminal  v.1.0

This project is created in Visual Studio 2010 using .Net 4.0 framework. .Net framework 4.0 or latest is needed to work this program. Download .Net 4.0: Project ...

VBA SSH Component  v.1.0

VB.Net DLL wrapper created around SharpSSH ( & to permit VBA to create a SSH connection.

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